1/2" x 1/2" rails made of durable, fast sliding plastic. These are the old school style-- thick and built tough for gnarly slides.

SIZES: 14 1/2"   20"   24"   27"  31"   36"
COLOR: Black, Orange, Blue

OG Rails by CroOKs

5/8" x 5/16" rails made of the same durable plastic as the OG rails, but lighter for people who think it matters. Are your board slides a little slow and weak? You have no excuses now.

SIZES: 14"   20"
COLOR: Black only


Go out and wax something up. Not only does our wax smell good, but it looks cool and is hella fast. And no, candles are not the same thing... our wax has secret sauce in it.

WEIGHT: 110 grams/ 3.8 ounces
COLOR: Blue, Red

OG Crooks logo t-shirt screened on front and left sleeve. Made of 100% preshrunk cotton, and will absorb blood better than any other shirt you have.

SIZES: sm   md   lg   xlg
COLOR: Black only

Show your support by hanging our 30" x 30" vinyl banner, or use it to fix that hole in your roof, cover up a broken car window, or as a blanket... your choice.