Mark Partain - He's got a smooth style, fucking sick skills, and, not to mention, he's an all around good guy.

Roger Mihalko - Speed and flowing surf style. Let him loose in a park and he'll find all the speed pockets and hit big……Roger has a lot of frequent flyer miles under his belt.

Chris Graham - Pools and punk rock…. Yeah! The first pool he skated was the Nude Bowl, when he was 5 years old. He's now 12 and getting better and better. He prefers pools, but can still win the CASL contests. Does the fact that his dad still barges backyard pools have anything to do with this?

Jesse Parker is a fast, aggressive skater with solid lines and technical moves. He enjoys exploring backyard pools, but as an all-around skater, he's known for rails and creative flip tricks.

Brad Edwards is a surf-inspired skater known for his style and deep bag of tricks.

Yancey Meyer is a "new school" inspired skater with flowing style and competitive success whose skills are always impressive and awe inspiring.